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Graz – European capital of culture


Graz is Austrian’s second city and the capital of the province Styria. In the year 2003 Graz was declared European Capital of Culture. The city is home to about 300,000 people who enjoy all that the city has to offer. Graz is a city that harmoniously combines old culture and traditions with modern life and living. That’s why Graz is so favoured as a university town.
Walk through the romantic narrow streets and courtyards and enjoy the charm of the many Renaissance and Baroque buildings. On Schlossberg mountain, the symbol of the town, you can relax, unwind and enjoy the view of the city and surrounding countryside. The famous bell tower with the "Liesl" (bell) and the university are the well known features of the town .
Graz is a city full of many museums, monuments, galleries and projects for "European Capital of Culture, 2003". However, its charms are not limited to all things cultural for Graz is also a great place for fun and relaxation. A shopping tour in the many small shops, a visit of a cinema or a theatre, doing sports, passing some hours on the main street of the university town or just some of the things you can do and enjoy. In Graz there is something for everyone!
There are a great number of bars, cafes, restaurants, the so-called “Heurigen” wine inns and “Beiseln”, pubs, stands and “Gasthäuser” which you can enjoy on a culinary expedition through Stryia. Here you are assured of a warm welcome that is the hallmark of traditional Austrian hospitality. The cosy atmosphere and the great camaradarie are the true mark of Styria’s restaurants.

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